Thursday, February 14, 2008

Indian Fried Bread ---Poori with Potato Curry!!!

Can there be anybody whom we know not liking poori...Never heard about it. I love them and love making them too. You can name it as the Indian version of Fried Bread. Quite similar to chapatti that we make but we have to deep fry the poori. My husband loves poori's and made them as a Valentine's Day Special for him!!!!!

One tip, I am sure may of you must be knowing. Once you prepare the dough, we have to make poori with 5-7 mts. Or else the dough would consume loads of oil and I am sure many of them would not like that. So here it goes!!

Raw Materials Required
Chapatti Flour - 2Cups
Oil for deep frying
Salt as per taste .

Preparation style

Mix the flour and salt by adding little water. See to that the dough is firm and not soft as we make the chapatti dough. Let it rest for 5 mts and then make small portions of them. Roll them as you make chapatti but the size should be small. It looks quite good if you make small poori. Heat the oil for deep frying. Once the oil is ready slide the poori into the oil and fry them on both the sides. Roll them often in the oil and see to that both sides are cooked well. Be very careful when you fry and then remove it from the oil and place them in a tissue paper. The excess oil would be drained and serve them hot with potato curry.

And I think the perfect combination for poori would be Aloo and nothing else. I made a simple potato curry .Wanted to share with you all .Here it goes

Potato Curry

Raw Materials Required

Potato -5-6 nos
Onion -1 chopped
Tomato -3-4
Matar (Green Peas) -1 1/2 cup
Haldi -1 tsp
Red chilli powder -2 tsp
Jeera -1 tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil -2-3 tsp
Coriander leaves few for garnish
Lemon juice -5-6 tsp

Preparation style

I cook this recipe directly in the pressure cooker. Add oil and jeera in the pressure cooker. Allow it to crack and then add onions .Fry them until they are golden brown and then add tomoto. Add the potato and matar also. Add 4-5 cups of water to it and mix them well .Add haldi, chilli powder and pressure cook them .I gave 3-4 whistles and allow them to cool. Once you open the cooker and when the pressure is gone you could see the aloo is well cooked along with tomato and matar. You can smell the aroma quite well and then add salt and coriander leaves to it. Then add the lemon juice and serve it with poori...It taste awesome...
This would be entries to 3 of the events organised by our blog friends
1- Bee and Jai Jugalbandi
Hope you enjoy these dishes and Wish you all a


Kalai said...

Hi Deepa! Poori and aloo looks yummy. My husband also loves poori! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Mythreyee said...

such a lovely combo. I love it.

Seema said...

Nice combo & valentines day special dish is it :-) Enjoy!!!

Daily Meals said...

Happy Valentine's Day Deepa! I love poori with potato curry.

Swaroopa said...

looks gr8! thanx 4 sharing...

Finla said...

I love puri.
I am hungry seeing the picture.

Rachel said...

that is one of my comfort food....fluffy puris and the potato looks yumm as well.

Laavanya said...

The perfect combination indeed. Looks great Deepa.

vimmi said...

Love poori aloo. Looks great. I make the aloo a bit dofferently. Will blog it some time.

DK said...

I luv potatoes and poori but then as u rightly mentioned- who doesnt! I jus fly high when I take every bite. Ur pic luks absolutely delectable esp the 3rd one :) thanks for sending it my way :)

Sreelu said...

Deepa, hey sorry just saw your email, replied to it.

Love poories any time nice entry.

Archy said...

Nice entry Deepa.. Puri Potato curry !! Love it !! All time favurite !!

DEEPA said...

Hey Kalai and Mythreyee thank you for liking it !!

Seema and Daily Meals thank you for stopping ...

Swaroopa and Happy cook hope you make them over at home often

Rachel, We make them often at home. My husband likes them a lot !!!

Vimmi,surely post your version. Aloo can be made so many way ,,Cannot say !!

hey DK, i am sure send the photo's next time in proper form ...

Hey Sreelu ..Thks a lot for stopping by ..

Archy!!Its also a all time favt at our place ...Thks for stopping !!!

Sia said...

the gravy looks fantastic deepa. i like the way u cooked it in pressure cooker:) thank you for this delicious entry:)

Cynthia said...

Don't watch as I lick my plate :)

Kribha said...

This is my comfort food. I'd love to eat this without getting bored. Nice see your version and good picture for the click event.

Unknown said...

can u make this without a cooker