Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arusuvai Friendship Chain - Update

Friends I am passing on the Arusuvai Friendship Chain to a couple of my friends .

1.Seema My Randap.

2.Mythree Paajaka.

3.Richa As Dear As Salt.
4-Sree -Tasty Travel (updated on Feb-15)

I have email a couple of more friends and should be getting their reply soon and then will tag them also.

Seema you must have got my secret ingredient today. But Mythree and Richa should be receiving them soon... Enjoy everybody as the Arusuvai Friendship Chain continues


Seema said...

Yup! Got it Deepa... Will play along & pass it on too...

Bharathy said...

God!how promt and fast are you,Deepa!Amazing!!:)
Had been keeping a track with the bloggers In India so far!..but you guys are moving with a jet speed and I fail to catch up :D..