Saturday, February 9, 2008

Maathan Molaguthal -Palakkad Special

Maathan Molaguthal is in my opinion one of the common food that is cooked is every palakkad iyers house. The same recipe can be cooked with many veggies. A few to mention would be Yam, White pumpkin, Raw Banana, Palak and many more. I prepare them often at home and this time I have made with yellow pumpkin.

Raw Materials Required
1/2 Lb Yellow Pumpkin
1/2 -cup Tuvar Dal cooked
1/3 cup -coconut sliced
2 tsp- jeera
3-4 -red chilli
1 tsp- Mustard seeds
1 tsp -Urdh Dal
1/2 tsp -Haldi
1 tsp-Little Oil for seasonings
Salt as per taste
Few Curry Leaves

Preparation style

Cut and wash the pumpkin into small pieces. Cook them in a big vessel by adding little water. Add haldi to it and cook them on low flame. Pressure cook the dal by adding little water.
On the other side in the blender or mixy ...grind the coconut, jeera and red chilli by adding 1/2 glass of water. Once you see the pumpkin is cooked then add and mix the coconut gravy, cooked Dal allow it to boil .Mix them well. If you think you need to add water then add little to it. Let the pumpkin boil and on the side take a small pan and pour little oil and add mustard and then after it cracks add urdh dal and pour on the molagutal.Add salt as per taste and mix it well garnish with curry leaves and serve it hot with rice.


Seema said...

Nice one, looks yum! I have had Molagutal - but not with Yellow Pumpkin.

S said...

nice dish...u have it as a soup or with rice?

Laavanya said...

This is very interesting.. sounds delicious :)

Uma said...

Looks good. Very interesting recipe.

Dhivya said...

very interesting and easy to make too..pic looks delicious..will surely try

Daily Meals said...

Looks yummy Dhivya!

Purnima said...

Deepa, thks for sharing!lovely curry!

Mythreyee said...

That's a very authentic fantastic dish.

Kalai said...

Nice combo of flavors. I love new things using yellow pumpkin! :)

VINI said...

Hey Deepa, Thx for stopping by my blog :). A comment means a lot, so thx for that also.
This dish seems to be similar to the "mathan erissery" I make. The only diefference is I don't add red chiilis for the coconut paste.

Kribha said...

Nice to see this authentic kerala dish. I can imagine the taste with hot rice. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious..will try it out indeed...

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