Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gulab Jamun Cake

This week is a birthday week at my place.My husband, my brother, mom and dad,all celebrate their birthday this week .So i decided to make a cake for all of them .I read about this type of cake in some magazine but forgot to note down the recipe .But i decided to try this on my own .Trupti was right in guessing .It is gulab jamun cake .Very simple and straight forward cake .......

Raw Materials Required

1 pkt for Gulab Jamun mix
3/4 Cup -Whipping Cream
1 Angel Cake
3 cup - Vanilla Ice Cream

Preparation style

Prepare the gulab jamun as stated in the instruction of the mix.Cut 3 portions of the angle cake vertically.First lay the bottom portion of the cake and make a circle in the middle of the cake and remove the cake pieces from that area.The circle should be thick enough so that the gulab jamuns would fix inside them .Then arrange the gulab jammuns one by one in the center.Then drizzle some of the sugar water on top of them.Then lay the second layer of the cake .One the top of them spread the vanilla ice cream evenly.Then place the gulab jammun on top of the ice cream .Then place the last layer of the cake .Cover the entire cake with the cool whip cream.Drizzle chocolate syrup on top .So her you go Gulab jammun cake is ready ......

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's coming out of this ?....Keep Guessing

Results will be out by Thursday ..Keep guessing

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AFAM Round Up-Mango

First of all I would really thank all of you for taking part for the AFAM -Mango created by Maheswari -Publish today.Just a one month old blogging girl i feel so happy to host this event .Thank You all for the support you and encouragement...I really enjoy cooking these days more than before and i hope that all of you are having a blast at cooking .

Entries have been pouring from Mango Cheesecake to Sevai .From desserts to snack items.Few bloggers have exhibited more than a single entry .Wow!!!Fabulous entries .In total we have close to 30 entries.I have tried to arrange of the entries in alphabetical order.So here it goes...

Asha Foodies Hope-Mango Cobbler

Aarti Aartiscorner -Takku-Kairi Panha

Asha George
Kerala Curry –Mango Treat

Arundhati R
Chef At Work –Mango Sasam

Luv2eat Hate2cook- Mango Salsa

Crazy Curry –Kairi Panha

Bee and Jai
Jugalbandi.Info-The Taste Of Yellow

Coffee (3 Entries)
The Spice CafĂ© – Mango Madness

Letz Cook-Mango Panna

Ahaar-Spring Chocolate Sundae

Food Court – Kairee Panha

Pooja V
Khanapina -Rainbow Color

Ramya R
Maneadige –Mango Something

Recipe Of Choice-Mango Cookies

Spice Corner -Mango Chutney

Bong Cook Book –Mango Pudding

Live To Eat -Kumquat & Mango Mojito

Sunkiran –Mango Cheese Cake

Hot and Sweet Bowl –Mango Delight

Sharmi (2 entries)
Neivedyam –Mango Curry and Kulfi

Swapna (2 entries)
Swad Of India –King of Fruits

Sreelus –Mango Cheese cake

Susarlas Kitchen –Mango Banana Smoothie

Tasty Palettes –Mango Kulfi

Kitchenmishmash –Mango Sorbet with Mango Sauce

Mad Tea Party-The King Of Fruits

VCuisine-Mango Coconut Burfi

Passion For Food –Kottimeera mamidi pachchadi menthi

The Spices Who Loved Me –Ginger Garlic Mango Pickle

Last But not the least .my entry

One more last entry for this event from Priya's
Akshayapaatram -Mango Ice Cream

Thankyou all for these excellent entries