Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Simple Potato Curry

Potatoes are the most favorite at our place and i think this would be true at every body home . If you give my brother to eat potatoes all day along in different ways he loves them .He never gets tired of eating them .My husband too is a big fan of potatoes.
I am sure there are many ways for a potato curry .Here is mine version which is quite simple and easy to make .So enjoy this !!

Raw Materials Required

Potatoes -5 nos
Coconut -1 cup
Green Chilli -3-4
Mustard Seeds -1/2 tsp
Urdh dal -1/2 tsp
Hing a couple of pinches
Oil -2-3 tsp
Salt as per desire

Preparation Style
Cook the potatoes in the pressure cooker .Peel the skin and smash them and keep it separately.In a small kadai add oil and mustard seeds to it .Let it start to crack then add urdh dhal and hing to it .Add the smash potatoes and mix them well.

In the meantime grind the coconut and the green chilli by adding little water. Add the grinded paste to the potato and mix them well .After a couple of minutes add salt and mix them well and allow the potatoes to become little crispy in the bottom of the pan .Off them gas once done and serve them with hot rasam or sambhar. Enjoy


Seema said...

Nice one deepa.. Liked grinmding Coconut & G. chillies.. I add them as such.. this way the spicyness of G.chillies will be well in the potatoes!.

Seema said...

Oops!!! I meant to say your method the spicyness is well into the potatoes!

Sagari said...

deepa u have a lovely recipes potato looks deleciousss adding coconut and green chillis to potatos is very new to me have to try them

EC said...

I too have never tried adding coconut and green chillies to potatoes...thanks for sharing

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

ez and fast recipe, Deepa!!!! Love all variations of potato bhaji

Raks said...

we call this potato podimaas!Handy to make indeed!

Finla said...

I have never made potatoes like this. It looks delicious.

Padmaja said...

hey thats one simple potato recipe dear. I too make a similar version without coconut n ginger!! Yours look so yummy!!

Bindiya said...

lovely Deepa, I am a huge fan of potatoes too, esp. finger chips!

Bong Mom said...

almost looks like a spicy mashed potato dish

DEEPA said...

Hey Seema , Do give it a try .I think you should be liking it .

Sure Sagri give it a try .I am sure u will like it .

Easycrafts and Ramya's do give a try should be liking it .

Raks and Happy cook ...It really taste good when it is hot ..

Padmaja ,Bindiya and sandeepa thanks for stopping by try it sometime ..i am sure you would like it .

Kajal said...

This is new thing you add urad dal in potato curry. Looks delicious your curry may be I must try this one today for my Tiffin. Thanks for new way to cook potato curry.:)

Kribha said...

I do it the same way sometimes. We call it potato podimas. Nice recipe. Looks delicious.