Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paruppu Thogayel -Urdh Dal Chutney

You can call this as "Dal Chutney " too.This is very simple and easy to prepare.There are many ways to prepare thogayel but this one is very easy and simple . Just a couple of ingredients and its done .So here it goes.

Raw Materials
Urdh Dal -1 cup
Red Chilli -4-5
Coconut -1/2 cup
Hing 2 pinches
Salt as per desire

Preparation Style

Dry fry the dal ,red chilli and hing together until they are golden brown.Off the gas and allow it to cool.Later on mix the coconut and dal together in the blender by adding just little water. Add salt and mix them well.
You can roll them with chapati or have them with rice .It taste great ...Enjoy!!!


Seema said...

Yummy, I love any thogayal.. spicy ones can be mixed with rice & eaten as such.. how about some curs rice & thogayal...Superb!!Nice one Deepa!

Anonymous said...

The more I learn about Indian food the more I love it. I love urad dal in any form, and think I would love this too. Is it easy to grind?


Kribha said...

It is such a nice accompaniant for rasam rice and for plain rice with a dollop of ghee. When I'm sick this is the only food that makes me feel better. Nice to see your verion.Thanks for sharing.

Pravs said...

oh looks like chutney. Will have to try to know the taste :)

Daily Meals said...

Hi Deepa! Thogayal looks great and seems simple to make.

Bharathy said...

We too make paruppu chtney but with thuar dal..
..Deepa thanks for all those lovely words regarding the picture...did youbreally read my own comment in the same page a little up??:)..
Take pic in bright day light as far as possible.I use picasa for is easy and you can try that.
I am still a hungry learner, with much much to learn, when it comes to photography!..:)

DEEPA said...

Hey Seema , i know you really enjoyed it the other day ...hope to make some more for you soon ..

Vege ....yeah it is a bit easy to grind .although you have to add water at regular intervals ...

Hey Kribha ,you are very true ..this i think is the most easy one that we make when we are sick or we are tired try mine sometime

hey pravs and daily meals ...thks for stopping by try it for sure taste really good.

Oh Bharathy ..i think i did not happen to read it the other day ..i just saw you pics and wen to comment it ..Thks for sharing the info on picasa ...will try doing it sometime ....thks a lot

bee said...

great way to use up urid dal. thanks for the recipe.

Seena said...

Very easy recipe, Deepa.Would love to try it.