Saturday, December 1, 2007

Belated Karthika Deepam .......

I think i would be the only girl who posted the recipe exactly one week late ...Too bad on me ..But sorry friends for the delay from my side in posting my recipes ....I was little bit held up with few household activities ...I hope all my friends have a great karthika deepam.I really enjoyed it .I made quite simple 4 recipes . Adai ,Avial, Nai Appam and Pori Urandai.I really wanted to make a couple of more desserts but did not have time.I started late and had to finish it by sharp 6.So need to hurry ...But everything came out really well and tasty ....So here it goes ....

Avaial and Adai

Raw Materials Required

Beans -1/2 cup
Carrot-1/2 cup
Green Peas-1/2 cup
Drumstick-1/2 cup (frozen)
Yam (Frozen)-1/2 cup
Butternut Squash-1/2 cup
Raw Banana-2 nos
Curd -2 Cups (beat the curd well.Do not add too much water )
Curry Leaves -few
Green Chilies-4-5
Coconut -1 1/2 cups
Coconut Oil -3 tsp
Haldi-1/2 tsp
Salt as per desired

Preparation Style

Cut all the vegetable and cook them all in the pressure cooker.On the other side grind coconut, greenchilli together .After the vegetables are cooked transfer them in a big kadai .Add haldi to it ,salt and also curd.Then heat the kadai and add the grinded mixture of coconut and greenchilli.Add coconut oil and allow the vegetable to come to one boil.Off the gas and few curry leaves to it .Serve it hot with adai.

Now comes Adaia...

Raw Materials Required
Rice -1 cup

Toor Dhal-1 cup
Urdh Dhal - 1/2 cup
Channa Dal -1 cup
Red chillies -4-5 nos
Haldi -1/2 tsp
Salt as desired

Preparation Style

Soak all ingredients for about 2-3 hrs before you grind them in mixer.Then make a semi liquid batter.Not too soft and semi grind it.Heat the tava, wipe with an oil dipped cloth, and spread a ladle full of batteron the tava like a dosa.Turn once it cooks .Then after you turn allow it to cook until it its little crispy . Cook till both the sides are golden brown and crispy.Serve it hot with avaial.

Nei Appam

I always made appam and never used to come the right way .Seema had made them once when she invited me over for lunch .It was just great.She gave me this simple recipe and believe me it came out to be awesome.

Raw Materials Required

Raw Rice - 1 cup

Jaggery -1 1.5 cup
Elachi -1 tsp
Coconut Pieces -few handful
Nut pieces (Kaju ,Badam)

Preparation Style

Soak the rice for 1 hour and grind it with jaggery in the grinder.Add water at times to make it a smooth and soft batter.Then after the batter is done add the elchi ,coconut pieces and also nut pieces and mix it well.Add little oil (ghee is a must but because its too fatty i added oil) to the Appam pan (AppaKaral) and after it becomes hot add the batter to it.Once they are cooked it starts to come out of the shape.Then turn it around with the help of the long thin stick.See to that both the sides are golden brown and then remove it from the pan.Serve it hot or cold it taste yummy!!!

Avial Pori

Raw Materials Required

Pori -3 cups
Jaggery -1 cup
Elachi-1 tsp

Take the jaggery and break them to small lumps (pieces), as much as possible, and mixing it with a little quantity of water, heat it till the jaggery is melted and there are no lumps on them.Once all the jaggery is melted then add the Pori,coconut pieces and thoroughly mix them.Add the elachi powder to it and turn off the gas.Allow the mixture to cool a bit , but see to that it is not too cold and should be relatively hot when you touch. Using both hands,take a small amount of pori shape a good quantity of Nel Pori-jaggery-coconut-mix in to balls. Don't let time pass.Dont allow it to rest.Make small balls and serve it .It taste great. If the jaggery hardens, then you will not be able to shape them into balls and will have to distribute as udhiri pori.


Seema said...

Lovely post Deepa. You made quite a few things! Everything looks lovely & Delicious!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Lovely spread Deepa!! everything looks good! :)

DEEPA said...

Hey thankyou seema and ramya ....they tasted really great and yummy

Bharathy said...

Late analum enna?Latest a than irukku :)

Love the bhakshanams here!..:)
esp the pori.My kids absolutelt love this and my ma or sis in law send over the karthigai pori..they make it with sugar syrup.
What do you mean by avial pori which you have named above the raw materials and what is that Nel pori cocnut mixture??
I want to try this..thats why up with so many queries..:)

Kribha said...

Loved all the dishes. Don't worry about posting it late. Atleast you did so many dishes. I never did anything as we were out the whole day. Your aval pori looks the best.

DEEPA said...

hey bharathi ...sorry for the late repley ...anyway ....hey ..i thgt avial pori and nel pori are the same here in US ...but i think they are different in india ....hope it i have given the answer ..

hey kribha ...thks a lot ...quite busy these days ..held up with few things at home ...good you liked it ....

Laavanya said...

Hey Deepa, sorry for the late comment but everything looks awesome. You are great for making all of this... the appam looks delish.. was already eyeing theone on Seema's blog. I wanted to try nei urundai but didn't. Thanks for the recipe.

Mouly said...

Nice recipe's and appropriate photos. Have a question - where did you buy/get the puffed up Aval (pori)?? normally you only get a flat pori (aval).

Anonymous said...

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