Saturday, April 28, 2007

AFAM Event

Here comes AFAM for this month .......Since Maheswari
(Publish Today) is taking a small break ,I am hosting this month's AFAM
.As I am a 1 month old food blogger, I need all the support and encouragement of the food bloggers to make this month's event a grant success.

So what's this month's fruit? It is M for Mango are right ..this's month's AFAM is MANGO ...

Come on everybody we could see mangoes , mangoes all around this summer ..So let your imagination fly around - from Indian Traditional Recipes to Fusion and to International Cuisine....Come on Food Bloggers start cooking and post it on your blog ...

So here is AFAM - A Fruit A Month Rules.
Rules are pretty much the same as other Blog Events.
1.Based on the fruit of the month, you have to come up with a recipe with the fruit in any form fresh or dried.

2.Post the recipe on your blog and if you could post the picture also by 20 th of the month.

3.If you can, write more info about the fruit.Like my mom always says Pomegranate fruit is good for your health especially for your heart.Some of might know about home medicine used for common cold/fever using fruits.

4.Email me your name,the pic,permalink of your recipe/pic to with AFAM -(fruit name)as the subject.

5. You have to email me your post by the 20th of that month and the final round up will be done in the last ten days.

So here is the fruit of this month "MANGO".

Hoping to see more of you participate and spread the word about AFAM around the Blog world.


FH said...

Beauty!! I already have a beautiful dish for you made of Mango I posted long time ago.I will send it ASAP:))

Viji said...

Hi Deepa, first time and nice selection for this season. Will come up with something. Viji

Bharathy said...

Great to hear tht you are hosting AFAM in may!would love to participate..BUT
oof ohh deepa..I will be away for a holiday in MAY...Mango too sounds great...:(...sorry friend..

DEEPA said...

Thks everybody ...
Ashaji...Great to know that you have a recipe in hand ..Cool..Please do send them.
@Bharathy ...Thats fine ..U may come back we shall be hosting few more in the coming moths ..Happy Holidays and Enjoy
@Viji ..Thks ..Please do send me entries from your kitchen ..

Roopa said...

Deepa Great to hear that! i would try to work on it i just finished a basket full of mangoes! Will come up soon :)

Suma Gandlur said...

Thanks for dropping my blog.
Mango is the fruit of this month!! Nice choice. I never cooked any thing with mango, though we love to eat mangoes.Let me see if I can come up with something.

Anonymous said...

Mangoes are my fav. I would definitely participate.

You have really lovely recipes here


DEEPA said...

Thks you roopa ,sushma and suma .Please do participate and let us get ur innovative recipesHope you guys would enjoy the AFAM Fruit ..Thks

Bong Mom said...

I already have something for this shall post soon

DEEPA said...

sandeepa..please do post it ....thks in advance

Sharmi said...

hey thats a nice selection!

Unknown said...

Hey deepa..well done..good luck with the event and round up..

DEEPA said...

thk you sharmi and maheswari for the comment

Shivapriya said...

Mango is my fav friut, wonderful selection.

Anonymous said...

Folks, I'm new to this forum, but love the style! I just posted a mango pickle recipe that I remember from my Amma, that you might enjoy:

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man with van London said...

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Unknown said...

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