Friday, April 13, 2007

Masala Poli

We must all have had masala poli at sri krishna sweets in chennai .Too good .Here is my version of masala poli .Tastes really good .

Raw Materials for the dough

3 Cups - Maida
1tsp -Haldi
Pinch of salt

Raw Materials for the stuffing

3 -Aloo cooked and smashed
1 -Carrot grated
1/2 cup -Green Peas
1 tsp - gram masala
1 tsp - dhanya powder
1 tsp -chilli powder
Salt as per taste
Some Kotamali

Preparation for dough

Add all the ingredients required for the dough together except oil in a bowl .Then add some water and form a chapati dough.The pour some oil on the dough and keep it aside for some time

Preparation of the stuffing .

Take a small bowl and add all the ingredients for stuffing together and make small bowls .

Then take a small piece of dough and make a small chapati .Fill the stuffing inside like how we do for paratha.Then with the help of our hand spread out the dough with out allowing it to break .Dip your hand in oil and make it spread .Then it would not break .Then heat the dosa tave and place the madia stuffed chapati on it .Pour sufficient oil on both the side to cook well.Then after it is cooked place it on the place and drizzle dosai mulaga podi on it and serve it hot .The highlight of it is to drizzle the dosai mulaga podi on top of the maida stuff poli.


Unknown said...

hey deepu,
this recipe sounds nice. planning to try it sometime soon. waiting for more recipes from u!!!!


Sridhar Usha said...

Hi Deepa
Awesome recipies
Will definitely try them sometime