Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Women's Day!!!!!

Today we celebrate International Women's Day. I wish all the women a great year ahead with all their achievements personally and professionally. I found this very apt poem which represents all of us .
A Rose that God Created
God created the rose in the likeness of a woman.
The rose represents her beauty.The stem represents her strength.The petals are soft as her delicate skin, the fragrance so pure and so sweet.The leaves represent her arms outstretched, always loving and giving and for perfection --- He made her heart of pure gold.
Thank you God for making me a woman...
Now coming to the recipe part
This is one of the comfort food at my place.Quite easy and simple one .Once a week its a must menu ..Its best combination would be tomato rasam or lemon rasam..Here it goes ..

Raw Material Required

White pumkin (Squash) -1/2cup
Yellow pumkin (Squash) -1/2 cup
Chaana dhal -1/3 cup
Curry Leaves few
Kuttu powder -1 1/2 tsp (Rice and Chilli -Dry roasted and grind)
Haldi -1/3 tsp
Oil-2 tsp
Mustard seeds -1/2 tsp
Urdh Dhal -1/2 tsp
Hing a couple of pinches
Salt as desired

Preparation Style

Pressure cook the dhal and the veggie together. In a small kadai add oil and mustard seeds. Allow it to crack and add urdh dhal . Allow the dhal to change color and add the cooked veggie and dhal mixture. Add hing,haldi, kuttu powder and curry leaves and salt to it .Let it come to a boil and serve it hot with rice.


Swati said...

Hi Deepa

Wishing you the same..
I liked both the lauki preperations..coincidentally making lauki koftas today!!
I make lauki chana dal but without the red pumpkin..will try it your way too!!

FH said...

You too sweetie, great looking dish. Enjoy!:)

Finla said...

I have a small piece of pumpkin in the fridge.
And loved the kofta curry too

Deeba PAB said...

Happy IWD to you too Deepa. Yr lauki koftas look so good; somehow mine never come out nice..

Uma said...

The kootu looks so mouth-watering, Deepa!

Unknown said...

Such an easy to prepare and wonderful dish deepa!

Annu said...

Wish you the sam deepa.Looks yummy.....

Cynthia said...

Belated IWD to you dearest!

Anonymous said...

This item looks so good. I am going to try this. I never heard kuttu powder. I am going to make it.Thank you for posting.