Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mini Onion Uttapam with Chayote Squash and Pudhina Chutney

Wow !!! Onion Uttapam last night with Pudhina Chutney and Chayote Squash Chutney .Too good.Chayote Squase is often called as Bangalore Katirika in india .We can make kootu or sambhar out of this veggie. But my Mother in law thought me how to make chayote squash chutney. It was very delicious .She used to make chayote squash chutney almost once a week at her place back in chennai. I had some left over dosa batter,and got to prepare something quick because i was getting late for dinner.So I thought instead of plain dosa why not onion uttapam?. I had 1Chayote Squash left in the fridge , so decided to make that chutney too .Came out quite well and thought i can share it with all you guys .

Raw Materials -Onion Uttapam

2 Cups of Dosa Batter
1 onion
2 green chilli

Preparation Style

Cut the onions and green chillis and mix it well with dosa batter .Then pour small amount of batter in the hot tava and let them cook.Pour oil in the sides of the batter and allow it to crisp on both the sides. Take out the uttapam from the tava when the dosa turn golden brown and gets crispy.

Raw Materials - Chayote Squash

1 -Chayote Squash
3 tsp - channa dal
1 1/2 tsp- dhanya
3 red chilli
little hing
4 Big pieces of coconut
Salt as per taste

Preparation style

Wash and cut the chayote squash into pieces.Dry fry the squash for abt 10-15 mts unless you see the squash is semi cooked.In a separate pan dry fry the channa dal , dhanya , red chilli together until the channa dal turn golden brown.Let the veggie and the dry masala cool down for 10 mts .Blend together the veggie , dry masala along with coconut , hing and salt .Blend until you get a smooth paste by adding little water. Chutney Ready!!!!

Raw Materials for Pudhina (Green) Chutney

1 bunch pudhina
1/2 bunch kotamali
4-5 big pieces of coconut
small lemon size puli(tamarind)
3-4 green chilli
salt as per taste

Praparation style

Wash the pudhina leaves and dry fry then in a skillet until they loose all the water out of them . Then blend all the mentioned ingredients together including the pudhina .Blend it well until you get a smooth paste by adding little water . Chutney Ready!!!!

Enjoy Madi!!!!!

This is my entry for Nupur A-Zof Indian Vegetables on One Hot Stove . This week the letter starts with "O" and my entries would be as Onion Uttapam


Nupur said...

I've never tasted chayote squash, can you believe it? Your chutney looks so delicious that I must try it soon!

DEEPA said...

Thks nupur really taste good ..try it out

Gattina Cheung said...

lovely! everything really lovely! My dad used to grow chayote squash but my mom only cooked it with soup, definitely want to try your chutney version.

Richa said...

hey u r coming up with such yummy stuff :) i've a chayote squash in the refrigerator, will try the chutney.

DEEPA said...

Thks gattina ...this is my mother in law's version ...try it out it taste really good . Thks richa for this ...just trying to bring out what i am preparing in my kitchen ..

Viji said...

Deepa, both side dishes are good combo for the onion oothapam. Nice post. Viji

DEEPA said...

thks viji ...they are really perfect combo

FH said...

Fabulous combination Deepa.I make Chayote(seeme badnekai) dishes,love it.Uttappam look great,I will try Chayote chutney,thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your chutney looks delicious. Never tried chayote squash.

Kajal said...

My favourite dish you cook and I skip this dish on yesterday bcoz my mom is not here.
So I made this dish today or tomorrow. Nice green and chayote squash chutney.
Thanks for sharing.:)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi there,Im visiting your blog for the first time i feel.These uttapam have got a perfect side dear.Lovely ...both sides are realy good

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Deepa. You have a nice collection of recipes. Nice combo of uttapam and chayote squash chutney.

Roopa said...

love it Deepa! quite sometime i made this chutney! thks for reminding :)
i use urad dhall and a bit of dalchini instead of chana dhall

Sia said...

uttappa is my all time fav. i usually prepare batter for 2-3 days and use different toppings:)
u said 1 bunch of pudina. i usally put 2 tbsp of pudina as i find it bit too much for my taste:)
and coming to chayote squash i never tried this one deepa. i have to try this pretty soon as it looks really good. ah!!! i just had toast for breakfast and here u r tempting me:)

DEEPA said...

@Thks u sia ....i hvae never tried using pudhina ...will surely try it once .Please do make the chutney it taste really good .!!!!

@Thks roopa , i do not have dalchini at home rite now but will surely chk it out next time !!!!!

@Thks u kajal , sowmya and sailaja for stoping by .Will surely visit your blog often ..

Thks u all once again

Bharathy said...

Is it bangalore kathrikka bajji?favourite recipe of my family...wonderful updates mooli parathas as well:)..

Sreelu said...


Looks delicious, love you chutneys. I have never heard of chayote chutney before would love to try it

DEEPA said...

Thk u bharathy and sreelu ..

Bharathi yes it is bangalore kathrikka chutney ..It is verY tastY try it once .

sunita said...

The plate looks yummy...thanks

Swapna said...

The uttapams looks great..and what is cayotte squash? Never tried it..Shall look arnd for it next time I visit grocery shop..Nice recipe, dear!

DEEPA said...

thks you suntha for stopping ....

swapna please do try the chutney is really taste good ...