Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Masala Vada -Game Night Party!!!!

I think there would be very few people who would not love to have hot hot vada's when watching TV.Especially when we have cricket matches going on , vada's are most common .I made few of them last week .Quite simple recipe ..Here it goes ....

Raw Materials Required

Channa Dhal -1 cup
Tuvar Dhal -1/2 cup
Urdh Dhal -1/4 cup
Red Chilli -3-4
Green Chilli -2-3
Coriander leaves
Hing a couple of pinches
Salt as per desired

Preaparation Style

Soak all the dhals, red chilli , green chilli in water for 2-3 hours.Drain them and set aside so that water would complete drain out. Grind coarsely the soaked ingredients and also add the coriander leaves by adding very very little water. Once done transfer them into a small bowl ,add hing and salt and mix them well. Make small lemon-sized balls and pat it lightly on your palm (mine never came to a perfect shape)and slide into hot oil and deep fry until golden brown. Serve them hot ..Enjoy the vada and also the game .
This would be my entry for the event organised by Mansi - Game Night Event .


Mansi Desai said...

wow! that looks great Deepa! thanks so much for this fab entry:)

Happy cook said...

Oh i love these vadas.

Anonymous said...

Yummy deepa! We love Masala vades at home!

Mythreyee said...

This is more or less like mysore vadai. Great vadais.

Laavanya said...

Paruppu vadais are so crunchy and perfect.. nice entry.

Dhivya said...

Looks yummy.great entry

Seema said...

Nice one Deepa! perfect crunchy snack for game night.

Anonymous said...

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Kribha said...

I made some vadas too recently but with black eye peas. Looks so delicious and it is a perfect snack for the game night.

DEEPA said...

mansi ..thankyou so much ...I have some more on my way..

Hey Happy cook and masalamagic ...Thks for stopping by ...

Mythree ..I have never made mysore vadai's ..will try that also sometime..

Hey Laavanya, Seema and Dhivya ....Thanks for stopping by ...

Hey Kribha ..Thanks for all the comments on various entries ....

fundoo said...

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